Why Choose Us?

Consumers want smart clothing solutions to improve their overall health and well-being, drive their performance levels in athletic pursuits, and track progress on both. By supporting the brands’ efforts to bring smart clothing to the market in innovative ways - Clothing+ is accelerating innovation and supporting powerful new advances in this exciting space.

1. First to market advantage and mass production scale

Clothing+ was the first to bring textile-integrated electronics to market – in 2003! More than a decade later, Clothing+ is the leading manufacturer of mass produced “techstyles” – products featuring electronics that disappear into clothing. 

Our Proof:

No wonder the world’s leading brands trust Clothing+ to deliver a market differentiated solution that improves the day-to-day quality of life, health, and entertainment of today’s consumers.

Clothing+ takes proactive measures to meet the near future needs of its customers. With the e-textiles requirements growing in the healthcare market, Clothing+ plans to open a new 200K square foot e-textile manufacturing plant, in the first quarter of next year in Suzhou, China. The new plant will be ISO 13485 certified.  This certified plant opening in China, allows smart textiles to be manufactured to meet medical healthcare standards.

In addition, a 10K square foot R&D center will be opened in Florida, in the USA. Twenty-five people will be hired to fill engineering and business development roles.  We are always looking to improve the value we bring to our customers to help them remain competitive.  

Optionally, you can start with a solution that works – Peak+™ - allows you to save time, reduce cost, and arrive with an early market advantage!  

Peak+ is reference design for a total Heart Rate Monitoring (HRM) solution, that you can private label it for your brand logo. Our solution features a chest strap or sports bra with integrated heart rate sensors, a transmitter and software application, as well as the contextual analytics required to pull the value from captured data.  It’s another way we help you get to the market sooner.

2. Deep technical interdisciplinary expertise

A powerful understanding of the market and what’s required to succeed in the mixed discipline of textile-integrated electronics enables Clothing+ to provide vital expertise to its customers. From design consulting to materials guidance and manufacturing services, Clothing+ helps customers overcome volume production hurdles and make innovative, market-first products a reality.

Our Proof:

The numbers tell the story - With more than 50 million units shipped to date, Clothing+ is the undisputed market leader and trusted partner in sensory clothing.

3. Clothing+ products pass the user experience test every time

Clothing+ ensures consumer comfort, convenience, safety, and privacy no matter what the application. Clothing+ products are wearable, washable, safe, waterproof, and comfortable. Sensors disappear into the fabrics of Clothing+ products, eliminating the inconvenience, discomfort, and hassles of exposed wires and glued electrodes found in lesser quality products.

Our Proof:

Clothing+ conducts extensive material testing in both practical application and third-party audits that ensure delivery of high quality finished products that stand the test of time.

Our Story

Clothing+ was born out of Reima Ltd., a Finland-based functional kids clothing company that makes highly technical kids outerwear designed to sustain the tough climate conditions in Finland and elsewhere around the world.

How it All Started

Inspired by fellow Finnish innovator Nokia’s success in information technology, Reima wanted to invest in product development around the next generation of textiles – textile integrated electronics.  To accomplish their goal, they invited professors from two Finnish universities and a technical leader from Nokia to begin exploring. This meant studying the history of clothing. And what did that reveal? Even though apparel dates back centuries, the clothing space lacked any real form of dramatic inventions.  They found this shocking!

Categories of invention revolved around functions:

  • Protect the body and sensitive areas from the weather
  • Protect parts of the body from view, preserve modesty
  • Communicate social status and leverage style express personality
  • Introduce a pocket that would enable the wearer to carry something
  • Bring physiological sensors into the mix – introduce sensor technology

The technology angle intrigued the Reima team as far back as 1998. The Reima leadership team had a long-term vision and also provided support for the technology evolution of sensory embedded solutions, focusing first on kids clothing innovation to integrate games, safety functions, and glow in the dark capabilities.

Clothing+ was born

Eventually the team realized that clothing for children didn’t serve as the best platform for their concepts and ideas.  Wisely, they made the decision to spin off a separate company called Clothing+. Reima provided free hands and funding to build out the story, and they were immediately focused on adding something exceptional to the clothing to drive value. That value remains highly reflective of what we do today!

Clothing+ Found the Opportunity

Clothing+ approached companies in the heart rate sensing business, including vendors making sensor chest straps. They recognized that the strap was hard and uncomfortable and cried out for innovation. Cloth straps proved an outstanding alternative and the market reaction was extremely positive.

Clothing+ Assumes Leadership Position

Through relationships with critical partners like Suunto, Clothing+ created new ways of integrating sensors and supported a major technical leap in smart clothing. Through more precise integration and design through lamination, ultrasonic welding, and laser cutting, Clothing+ revolutionized the business. And the innovation continues! Through collaboration with one of the largest HRM strap brands in the world, Clothing+ created the first heart rate sensor solution with fully integrated electronics that did not require sensor removal prior to washing.  As sensors became more integrated and streamlined, the industry took off – enabling growth outside of core brands and technical advancements to drive further innovation. Wireless transmitters are just one small example.

Powered by Jabil

Now powered by Jabil, Clothing+ has unprecedented buying power, extended electronics manufacturing capabilities, and a global supply chain footprint. What’s next? Powerful support for the world’s top brands as they explore even more innovative smart textile solutions to delight their customers.

Observing Clothing+’s amazing evolutionary journey, it’s no wonder it’s recognized by leading brands as the undisputed leader in today’s dynamic smart textiles industry.


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