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Weaving Technology into the Fabric of Life

Do it! Leverage the extensive capabilities of Clothing+ to develop your brand’s smart textiles. Clothing+ creates e-textile solutions with durability, easy maintenance, a refined process, and full technical testing – the average manufacturing partner would be learning as they go and facing time-intensive and costly errors to achieve success.

With more than 50 million units shipped to date, we are the undisputed market leader and trusted partner in sensory clothing.

Why E-textiles Now?

Brands have a powerful opportunity to revolutionize the way they engage with their customers. Facebook and cell phone apps already demonstrate consumers’ desire to connect with one another and the community. With e-textile solutions, brands have an unprecedented chance to create a relationship with their customers – and gather important data and customer insight that would never exist in the case of an ordinary bra or shirt – capturing the interest and attention of the consumer and ultimately reinforcing brand loyalty. That’s an opportunity that no brand should miss.

With 400 + Skilled Workers

Our customers gain access to the most brilliant teams in the industry to successfully manage the extensive complexity involved in developing smart textiles. In smart textiles – The Clothing+ team is the best in the world.

3 million sensor products produced in 2014

The Smartest option for Smart Textiles

Whatever you have in mind for your e-textile, we’ve got the process, the experience, and the facilities to successfully support your goals. From our extensive capabilities we can develop your brand’s smart textiles to get you to the market first, ultimately saving you time and avoiding costly errors.


Want to remove the guesswork with turnkey integrated smart textile solution and arrive to the market sooner?

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