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Excerpt from the Executive Summary

"Advances in sensor capabilities, batteries, form factors, and fabrics are making it easier for clothing manufacturers to seamlessly integrate garments with monitoring and electronic devices. Fitness equipment manufacturers have been developing devices and solutions for many years that monitor heart rate, pulse, body temperature, etc. But, only recently has the cost to manufacture, integrate, and miniaturize electronic components been reduced enough to make the accelerated growth of this smart garment industry a reality.

While the above dynamics have made it feasible to bring to market smart garments, there are many more challenges such as integration, privacy, and data analysis of collected information that increase the overall complexity of the solution. Each of these factors is not a simple task on its own, but combining all three is a considerable barrier to entry for most brands.

Further, the explosion of interest in intelligent and health data by predominantly younger and more affluent users has created a very compelling prospect that cannot be ignored. Brands can open a whole new world of data-driven revenue opportunities across the entire clothing supply chain. And, by improving value directly to their customers, these companies will enjoy deeper relationships, brand loyalty, and an increased share of wallet from the consumer. Additionally, insight gathered about their buyers from the sensors their customers wear can improve the way they bring solutions to market to support them over time."

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