Our contribution to the fitness e-textiles market

Clothing+ partners with the world’s top brands to build solutions to support a growing number of fitness applications that provide recommendations to reduce injury and improve physical fitness. The value that comes from being able to train independently and conveniently with more and deeper data is changing the whole fitness industry.

With more than a decade of experience integrating textiles and electronics, Clothing+ is uniquely qualified to take healthcare fitness applications to the next level in textiles, ensuring everything from critical bio compatibility and non-toxic materials, to accurate sensor placement required for FDA approval.

Some of our e-textile fitness applications:

  • Fully integrated HRM solution, including smart textile, transmitter and software application and analytics
  • Heart Rate Sensors integrated in straps, bras and shirts
  • Activity Monitors
  • Heart rate Monitors
  • Biometrics Monitoring (EMG)
  • Footpads & Pedometers
  • Sleep Sensors


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