Our contribution to the healthcare e-textiles market

With nearly 20 years of experience integrating textiles and electronics, Clothing + is uniquely qualified to take healthcare medical applications to the next level in textiles, ensuring everything from critical bio compatibility and non-toxic materials to accurate sensor placement required for FDA and CE approval.

Jabil’s key capabilities in the healthcare space include:

  • Mass production of textile-integrated electronics with a quality user experience every time
  • Full sensor integration expertise
  • State-of-the-art process manufacturing
  • Therapeutic sensor expertise in detecting heat, biometric, and light
  • Basic FDA requirement awareness for medical grade solutions
  • Electronics expertise
  • End-to-end product development from NPI (New Product Introduction) to mass production
  • ISO 13485 certified plant opening in China for manufacturing healthcare products

Some wearable medical devices include:

Liquid Accumulation Vest

  • Bioimpedance vest measures water accumulation in the lungs, to indicate heart condition
  • Vest monitors comfortably and reliably at home, providing trend analysis of issues 10 days before hospitalization
  • Motivates patients to follow treatment regime and adopt positive lifestyles

Chest Belt

  • Monitors lungs to measure how the lung is working through bioimpedance
  • Provides a picture of the lung’s performance through a topographic picture of the lungs – and leverages software to emulate how the lung capacity during inhale and exhale
  • Built on behalf of customer in full, and included extensive documentation to meet FDA requirements throughout development process

Light Therapy Blanket

  • Integrates light therapy into blanket for babies with jaundice
  • Enables baby to be removed from cradle light therapy settings to be held by parents and loved ones
  • Provides relief from condition through light therapy


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