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Peak+ is a reference design made for you to customize. Shirt? Bra? Strap? It is what you make it. Peak+ is designed to break down the go-to-market barriers inherent in textile electronics integration and accelerate your time to market with a fully integrated offering. If you’ve been searching for a way to bring a smart wearable solution to your portfolio – Peak+ is the answer. And we think you might be surprised at the user experience value and brand engagement that comes from it!


Our thorough integration process eliminates disturbances that can interfere with our sensors’ ability to accurately receive information. We conduct thorough inspection and testing, ensuring our e-textiles deliver accurate readings every time!


Need millions of units or just a test run of 500? Not only can we produce a limited quantity to help you introduce your product to the market, we have the facilities and resources available to manufacture mass quantities as you need them.

Powered by Jabil

Clothing + is the undisputed leader in combining world-class sensor integration, molding, welding, die-cutting, and design aesthetics to deliver a single, NPI-to-volume solution that is second to none. And now, powered by Jabil, Clothing+ has unprecedented buying power, extended electronics manufacturing capabilities and a global supply chain footprint. What’s next? Powerful support for the world’s top brands as they explore smart solutions to delight their customers.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

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If you have different smart textile requirements, find out how we can transform your idea from concept to reality with custom fitness or healthcare solutions.

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